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Damaaj Under Attack by the Shi’ite Houthis Again

Mash’Allaah, I will write more when I have some information from a reliable source, but it seems as though the Houthis have again blockaded and attacked Damaaj, the village in Yemen in which my son lives with his family. I am not going to write further about it until I am able to verify what news I have heard, mash’Allaah, as truly the Messenger of Allaah has said that…”It is enough to make a man a liar that he repeats everything he hears.”

Damaaj from the mountain top

Damaaj from the mountain top

Alhamdulillah, the scholars of Yemen have come together regarding this and have gone to advise the president of Yemen of his duty before Allaah and to the people, mash’Allaah. This is a quick translation made from the Sahab forum, insh’Allaah

The Gathering of the Shayookh of the People of the Sunnah in Yemen with the President of the Republic (may Allaah grant him success) about the Matter of Damaaj

August 25, 2013

Yesterday some of the shayookh of ahl as Sunnah in Yemen gathered. And they are:

Sheikh Muhammad ibn ‘Abdullaah al-Imaam

Sheikh ‘Abdul ‘Aziz Ibn Yahya al-Buraa’ee

Sheikh ‘Abdullaah ibn ‘Uthmaan adh-Dhamaaree

Sheikh Muhamamad ibn Saalih as-Sowmaali

met with the president of the Republic of Yemen ‘Abdu Rabih Mansoor Haadi, may Allaah give him success.

The gathering continued for two hours. They impressed upon him his responsibility in front of Allaah, and after that in front of His creation to stop the Houthis from their continual exceeding of the bounds and oppression of the people of the Sunnah in Sa’da, and the students in Daar al-Hadeeth in Damaaj. They urged him to put forth an effort to restrain or prevent the wrongdoing transgressor.

And he listened to them in a good way, as we hope from him, insh’Allaah. And we ask Allaah to give success to the managers of our affairs (the rulers) to do what is good and righteous and to reward our scholars and shayookh with the best of rewards and that He keep those Magian Raafidah away from us and all of the Muslims.

The Brother ‘Abdul Maalik al-‘Ibbee

From the comments:

And this gathering produced good fruits, from the example of which are the high recommendations to those in charge of the military hospital in Sana’a to give priority to the wounded of Damaaj and put forth effort in making them comfortable and checking on their health and other than that from the good fruits we cannot mention in front of the people.

So we ask Allaah to help those in charge of our affairs and that He give them success and that He facilitate for them the righteous retinue and protect them from the evil retinue.

The Brother ‘Abdul Maalik al-‘Ibbee

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