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Crash Course

I sit dumbfounded

by your arrogance unveiled

you paint the world

with your own thick brush

blur lines

between cultures,


personal freedom lost

so we all become blind followers

of the Western ideal

cover girl clones

you want us to breathe

the fetid air you expel

spent, lifeless, carbon copy


repeat after you

’til we become faded photos

in the back of your scrapbook

a trophy, dismembered

and hung on your wall

you can’t comprehend

living and dying for a belief

framing a life with the words

of the Lord of the Worlds

following the best of mankind

step by step

you cannot grasp

the strength of knowledge

the certainty of truth

the spark stays lit

ages passed, trials faced,

it dances, flashes outward,

burns true

keep your false promises

bloody ideologies

to yourself

the truth we are upon

stands firm

’til the Earth’s burdens

are set free


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