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I Spill My Life

I Spill My Life


I spill my life onto blank white pages

Line after line of I did this

Thought this

Loved this

Hated this

Dream this

I spill my life out

Onto blank pages

One after another

Until the call comes

Mama she says

Mama I need you

I gather her up in my arms

Her scent fills my head

With memory

That first day we met

I said I know you’re there

I’m here for you

You are safe

You are loved

Until she lay wet and wailing

In my arms

A slight change in perspective

For us both

I hold her and breathe deep of her scent

Feel her strong little legs kicking against mine

As she sings a language all her own

Truth dawns as my head catches up with my heart

I spill my life out onto blank white pages

But only the drops that are left

From when I spilled my life to her

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