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“al-Waajibaat” Free Today Only

Continuing our Ramadhaan giveaways. my first book, “al-Waajibat: The Obligatory Matters” Kindle edition is free today, July 27, 2012. No Kindle device necessary, it can be read from your computer.

This is the first in a series designed to help Muslims learn more about their religion, and how they can make it a part of their every day lives.

It will also be the next class I teach at as well, insh’Allaah.

Sunrise and sunset are beautiful in Yemen

From a review of the book: “If you think you know all the Oblibatory Matters, think again. This book covers all the things you want to know but are afraid to ask, for fear of being thought, well, ignorant. And that is one of the things this book does, is removes ignorance. A book every Muslim should have in their home. Even good enough for those who are homeschooling, with the tests and answers already available. Don’t be left out, order your copy today and begin the journey to learning what you thought you already knew!”


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