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Unexpected Grace: New Post at One Woman’s Day

As Muslims, we don’t celebrate birthdays- no cakes, presents, parties. But that doesn’t mean that the birth of each child isn’t special. On the contrary, I remember the day (or night, more often than not) that each of my eight children were born, and thank Allaah always for the gift of that person, and that day.

Until recently, most of the foreigners who went to Yemen would go home to have their babies. When we went, almost ten years ago, I knew that going back to America was not an option. I was worried, yes, but I was also excited about having a baby in one of the lands of Islaam. Mu’aadh was the first of three children born there. If you’d like to read about his birth, please check out my latest post at Storycircle Network’s One Woman’s Day blog by clicking here.

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