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From the Front Part 15

A short post tonight, mash’Allaah…

Still no word from Mujaahid. I finally gave in and we checked to see what the Arabic Salafi forums had to to say about the situation in Damaaj. The last update was December 26. It said that the cease fire fell through, and that the Houthis had attacked the village again. Some of the Houthis were killed, none of the students were, alhamdulillah. Apparently, two of the Houthi dead were from Iran, showing again that there is a connection between the Shi’ite groups, mash’Allaah.

They apparently did let some food relief trucks in, before blockading the village again.

I am hoping that Mujaahid didn’t call because he didn’t want to worry me, something that he takes very seriously. I think about our last conversation, when I stressed to him to not expect too much, as the Houthis have shown themselves again and again to be untrustworthy and deceitful. I try so hard to get him to think long term, outside of the box, exploring all the options- but I guess this is something that one has to learn on one’s own.

I long to hear his voice, even for the few brief minutes afforded by an overseas calling card. I miss him so much I can taste it, the taste of tears and time lost. I want to hold his babies close to my heart, and make sure they know that they are loved, and that I would do all I could to keep them safe. I want our family whole again, by the grace and mercy of the One Who holds our souls in HisĀ  Hand.

Until then, we wait, and we pray.

From the Front Part 14

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