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From the Front Part 6

A short post today, based on unknowns. Mujaahid called the day before yesterday and told me that a convoy of relief food was supposed to be on its way to the village. It had started out a week or two before, but was held up in Sana’a as they got their paperwork in order so that they could travel as a humanitarian mission. Reports vary as to how many trucks there are. but Mujaahid told me he spoke to someone with the convoy as they were leaving al-jawf province and they said there were 1500 armed people and several tribal headsmen traveling with the supplies in order to help ensure they got through the Houthi blockade.

“And in every village they go through more people join up- there’s like 200 cars of people who are going along to show support and help.” he said.

As of this morning (Monday) I don’t know if they got through or not. Insh’Allaah Mujaahid will call and update me later today or tomorrow. But the magnitude of this effort cannot be downplayed. In a country torn by revolution, in which food, propane, diesel fuel, and other resources are relatively scarce, and in which malnutrition is widespread, this grassroots effort by several tribes and individuals takes on a whole new dimension. The Muslim is the brother of the Muslim, and we see how deeply this is embedded in the people, as they give what they can to help this village which is suffering from the oppression and tyranny of the Houthis.

Insh’Allaah the convoy will get through and provide with some relief, no matter how temporary- and may Allaah reward those who are putting forth this effort solely for His sake alone.

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