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New Creative Parenting Post

I have a new creative parenting post up at Riehlife. It’s a subject that is dear to my heart, as I have learned over time how to encourage my children’s creativity in simple ways, rather than relying on the latest fancy yarns, rubber stamps, or design programs. Nurturing their creativity is only part of it. I hope that I am teaching them to find the good in their situations- as there is good in every situation, alhamdulillah, as well as how to not only make do with what they have but to be satisfied with it.

Here are some examples of their creativity!

Sukhailah made these for her little sisters last Eid

Sukhailah made these dolls for Juwairiyah, Nusaybah and Maryam. She only used what we had around the house to make them! They don’t have faces due to the Islamic prohibition of making dolls with faces, or which clearly resemble living things.



Here is a doll crocheted by Nusaybah for Asmaa:

A simple little doll for Asmaa!

And Juwairiyah made an ice cream cone for her:


Juwairiyah made this without a pattern



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