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Give Sorrow Words

Today is the anniversary of the horrific events of 9-11, events which affected all of us on a personal as well as global level. Wars are being fought, people are being killed and oppressed, hatred and prejudice are openly and proudly being manifested against Muslims everywhere…and yet good has come of it as well. In many places communities have banded together to provide support for one another. People are picking up the Qur’aan or other books about Islaam and really learning about the religion for the first time- often finding out that it is a beautiful and complete way of life, not the manifesto of hatred that some intolerant bigots would like to make it out to be. Muslims are speaking up, and making an effort to reach out and let people see that they are “just folks”- not weirdos, extremists, or enemies. In other words, life goes on, just as it has after every terrible event that has ever occurred throughout history.

To read a little bit about how 9-11 changed my life, check out this link:


While you are there, you can read stories of other women, as they tell what they were doing on that day, and how their lives were affected by the events that took place at that time. It is a scrapbook of words helping us see and make sense of what happened, and to share the feelings and experiences of women from all over the world.

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