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From Darkness Into Light


“If you don’t get out of my way, I’ll shoot you.” The man looks like ex-military or military wannabe but gone to seed, his crew cut greying and his stomach protruding, hanging loosely over his too-tight belt. He is pushing a shopping cart with a few items in it; a case of soda, a box […]

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Guest Post: If Only You Knew


  Today’s post is a guest post from my neighbor and landlady, Alice. She wrote this in response to a visit we made to a local Dairy Queen a few weeks ago. ———- I winked at you, slowly, and you relaxed. From where I sat in the Dairy Queen with my neighbors, I had watched […]

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  I say this to you Be brave stand with courage lock eyes don’t waver slip don’t let them see the fear that seeps though the cracks in your heart made one by one each time you allowed yourself to stand up and be heard They don’t know the nightmares that rip you from sleep […]

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Inside Looking Out


  I remember when, as a little girl, you would twirl, eyes closed and skirts flashing, and fall, laughing, into whoever’s arms were closest to you, knowing without doubt, that you would be caught. I wish I could tell you with the same certainty now that you’re beginning your new life that you can have […]

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Telling the Tale


  Telling the tale is the hardest part. The stories of love and life and dreams and trials and victories and no defeats because the Believer is indeed unique, in that in every situation there is good for him. The stories of searching and striving and laughter and tears and mountaintop shouts and swallowed tears. […]

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Still Life With War Part 1: Nightrunners


  Thinking of Yemen, as always, the home of my heart, where so much of who I am today was born, mash’Allaah. War cannot be imagined, it can only be lived, and remembered. And remembered… tonight I saw nightrunners again corner of my eye visions a hand splayed over tree bark head, shoulders crouched not […]

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We Walk


  I dreamt of fire and snow, and woke up to wind. The wind has been blowing all day, mash’Allaah, whipping frenzied treetops into wild shapes, majestic and sometimes grotesque against a steel grey sky. Cold, but not the indifferent cold of sun and snow; rather, the cold of red-cheeked life that makes blood sing […]

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Autumn Wild


  tonight leaves blow down in wild abandon heedless no drift and glide just twirl and ride a cruel wind cuts to the bone and back heartsliced deafened with white noise trying to find center where none exists only this way or that dead crunch of leaves beneath booted feet eagle dips tips wings wide […]

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Winds of Change


A few nights ago a storm front rolled across our little patch of the Ozarks, a sigh of relief after a hot spell that seemed to be lasting forever.  While most of the leaves are still green, I do notice a tree here, a patch there, bursting into the song of Autumn. The garden still […]

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First of Ramadhaan: We Choose Faith

This morning we awoke for the pre-dawn meal to a soft rain carried lightly on a blind-stirring breeze. We saw all together in a half darkened room talking quietly so as not to wake baby Asmaa. Our meal was simple- oatmeal, and zucchini bread made from some of the fruits of our first garden here […]